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Titan Network

an online service for students to play games and unblock sites.

Black-Top OS

a modern WebTop or Operating System that runs in your browser. It does all the same tasks as your chromebook but faster and based off the internet.

Retired Services

Services Coming Soon


Repurposing the Cisco VEN401-AT/Cisco VEN401-NA & Information

AT&T U-verse Wireless Cable Box Wireless Access Point \ Cisco VEN401-AT & VEN401-NA


Dew (Abandon...)

Its like Siri© for the web, A smart assistant that works like Google© you ask it a question and it answers.

Eternity for web (Abandon...)

Eternity for web is just like the pc version we launched 2 years ago, Except its on the web.


Titan Network is a platform built to be used at school, it has games, website unblocking, and more to come!

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